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  1. Using Theatre to Develop an Understanding of the Meaning of the 'Tragedy of the Commons' to Students in the Leisure, Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management

    associated with consumer behaviour and society contextualised in terms of leisure, tourism, hospitality and ... events management. The focus of the module is on consumer behaviour within a framework that requires ... managers to create products based upon an understanding of consumer characteristics and needs. This session ...

  2. Dimensions_of_Quality.pdf

    Dimensions_of_Quality.pdf Dimensions of quality by Graham Gibbs The hiGher educaTion academy 2 The ... Designed by Daniel Gray Printed by The Charlesworth Group dimensions of qualiTy by Graham Gibbs 2 foreword ... by craig mahoney 4 1. executive summary 8 2. introduction 11 3. The nature of dimensions of quality application/pdf attached to:Dimensions of quality

  3. HEA_Dimensions_of_Quality_2.pdf

    HEA_Dimensions_of_Quality_2.pdf 1 Implications ofDimensions of quality’ in a market environment ... 37 38 39 41 43 44 47 4 Foreword The Higher Education Academy (HEA) published Dimensions of quality in ... how the HE community can apply the dimensions of quality he identified in 2010 to make a real application/pdf attached to:Implications of 'Dimensions of Quality' in a market environment

  4. Workshops- 15 January 2015

    engage with the dimensions of the UKPSF specified at each workshop description. AM Teaching for ... web-site:   Dr Chiara La Sala, University of Leeds Promoting the Common European ... interest in teaching and learning.  It may be of particular interest for those working towards Fellowship ...

  5. Education for sustainable development and global citizenship- Addysg ar gyfer datblygu cynaliadwy a dinasyddiaeth fyd-eang

    Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) produced a Common understanding of ESDGC ... Cymraeg >> News- the launch of The Wales We Want report Wales is one of the few countries in ... the world to have government policy regarding Education for sustainable development and global ...


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